Free Phonemic Awareness Screener PAL ICRWy
Braintree Forest Learning from The Reading Hut, Dorset UK

Free Screening for Dyslexia in the Early Years

Free dyslexia screening for 3 - 5 year olds - ICRWY PA
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Interested in getting involved? Ready to use your Duck Hands and have fun with children? Help us to identify the 30+% of children (who may be the most articulate, supported and intelligent) who are at risk of struggling to learn to read, and help us to give them the play-based, FUN intervention they need before they even start school. Before they start wondering if there is something 'wrong' with them (no!...the system?...yes!)
We need an army of PAS volunteers, and day nursery owners willing to roll out an intervention for 3 - 5-year-olds nationally. 
This has to be a free service, and accessible by all.
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