Grapheme Code Mapping

Grapheme Code Mapping® Training in the UK or Online (Zoom) 
1:1 Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring with Code Mappping® available in Dorset 

Children can read their own colour-coded grapheme mapped texts! Code Mapping. 

There is now a groundbreaking linguistic phonics 'Code Mapping' app - type words and see the colour coding to show the graphemes in words, as they align with the IPA and phonetic symbols. Use this grapheme mapping with colour coding to support the teaching of speech to print linguistic phonics and the development of orthographic mapping skills.
Code Mapping® will change the way you see words! Graphemes are pictures of Speech Sounds - Speech Sound Pics!  

Face to Face School Grapheme Code Mapping
Training with Specialists.

When you attend training you will not only understand why so many struggle to read, but what do do about it! Our techniques are powerful, creative, effective and UNIQUE - just like Miss Emma's neurodivergent brain  


After mastering Grapheme Mapping you are ready to learn about, and implement,  LinguaLit!  Become a Specialist LinguaLit Tutor

LinguaLit All-in-one Routine - Phoneme to Grapheme Mapping