Contact 'Miss Emma' to book specialist literacy tutoring in the Dorset area. Use school-led tutoring grant funding to book 1:1 and small group LinguaLit tutoring, designed for students with specific learning differences. 

Upper primary aged children and those already in secondary school but unable to manage the demands of the literacy curriculum (reading, writing and spelling) can get back on track with Emma Hartnell-Baker, using the fast-paced (FUN!) LinguaLit routine. 30 - 45 minute 1:1 or small group sessions. The LinguaLit 'pop up' station can be set up each time - all resources supplied (including apps - no need to connect to school server)  
Email to ask about private 1:1 tuition with Miss Emma (limited spaces available)

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Why is this school-led tutoring unique?

The 'all-in-one' evidence-based routine is fully differentiated and meets the unique needs of EVERY student, regardless of learning differences. 1 - 4 students can learn at the same time, using the same texts.
Sessions are also FUN, even if the students are disengaged in class, and in other learning support settings. LinguaLit is FAST paced and brings about improved and sustainable gains in literacy using activities that centre around 'self-teaching' and 'orthographic learning'. Students enjoy the 'less teaching, more learning' approach as they are 'hands-on' at all times.  Ground-breaking technology is at the heart of the routine, and once students become familiar with the apps and tools, they are able to learn independently at home - and apply their new skills in the classroom setting. 

Contact Emma Hartnell-Baker to discuss the needs of your students. She can deliver these sessions for 6 - 8 weeks, within a 45-minute drive of St Leonards, Ringwood, and simultaneously train a member of your staff team. They can then continue the work - saving you money - and maintain contact with Emma for ongoing support and guidance. You may also request teacher training so that you can deliver this in-house. You will learn how to set up the LinguaLit Learning Station, and teach these students in the way that they learn.  

Lingualit Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring Course launches soon, for those who have undertaken the
Grapheme Code Mapping training and LinguaLit Course. 
Express an interest.

ICRWY LinguaLit Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring

Contact Emma Hartnell-Baker MA SEN
Doctoral Student, University of Reading