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Code Mapping with Dyslexia


Learning to map graphemes in English written words with Braintree Forest Learning (from The Reading Hut Ltd) regardless of any phonics or spelling programmes you may be using, will help you better meet the needs of any child or student you are supporting, especially if struggling with decoding fluency and spelling skills as they are learning with dyslexia.

This is predominantly because you will understand the role of phonemic awareness, and how the speech sounds are mapped on paper (graphemes) - even though the correspondences may include more than one 'sound' -  for example, the letter x can represent k/s  k/sh  g/z  -  and how to address the issue of 'accents' - the learner may not use the correspondences they have been taught during explicit phonics instruction. 'Sound it out' may not help if they do not use the expected 'sounds' - or if they can't isolate, segment and blend speech sounds.
You will understand 'legitimate' grapheme-to-phoneme correspondences (sometimes called 'letter-sounds') and why these can be difficult to understand and use correctly - even when phonics is taught systematically -  because written English has an 'opaque' orthography.  
You will understand how to help learners understand English words! 
Phonemic symbols are visual representations of the speech sounds (phonemes) that we produce as we speak, and you will learn how to use the IPA with learners of any age, from 3+. 

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